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Our goal then and now is to provide quality on time projects

Welcome to BION engineers Ltd.

Where We Build Your Visions

Our mission is to provide the BEST possible electrical service to our customers and we have strict quality and SAFETY controls to make sure you are getting the BEST.

  • To develop and supply intelligent solutions and services for electrical distribution systems
  • To respond and adapt to our customer needs, enabling the supply of energy safely and reliably
  • To achieve success through the commitment of our employees and actively engage, empower and continuously develop our workforce.

Our vision is to be the industry EXPERT in the electrical industry and the leading provider of delivering SAFETY.

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Get free online and offline consultations from experienced experts and recommendations to solve your problem. All our consultants have practical experience in dealing with small and medium-sized Projects. 


Our Services

It’s where We put the meat on the bones of the project, and as we do, we get an opportunity to flesh out the details of what we are going to deliver in our projects.

Site Planning

Site planning is a process that involves developing and implementing a specific organizational plan for all the spaces.

Substation Design & Installation

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Substation, SAS Installation & Commissioning, Designing & Planning, Inspection and Test Plans, Inspection Program Coordination.

Project Management

Procurement, Project Scheduling, Project Management, Project Cost Estimating, Business Case Development, Feasibility and Strategic Studies.

IT Services

Data Center DC & DR Installation, Raised Floor System Construction, Network, Design & Drawing of DC, DR & Networking Systems

Other Services

CCTV Installation in the Plant of Offices, Security Systems Installation, Firefighting Installation, Design & Drawing of Firefighting Systems

Manpower Supply

We are a pioneer company in Bangladesh for supplying Engineer, Supervisor, Foreman, Electrician, Skilled & unskilled labors.

Electrical Engineering

Layouts, Module Design, Area Classification, Power System Studies, Electrical Buildings Design, Low and Medium Voltage Power Distribution.

Civil / Structural Engineering

Design Reviews, Dynamic Analysis, Constructability Reviews, Structural Steel Design and Analysis, Equipment and Building Foundations, Existing Structure Analysis and Review, Structural Steel Detailing and Shop Drawings, Complete Concrete Above & Below, Ground Design Services.

Logistics Services

Transportation of GIS & AIS, Transportation of Transformers, All Equipment Delivery on the Foundation, Transportation of Steel Goods

What Our Clients Say

We respect the privacy of all of our clients and their projects and therefore do not list each company name associated with the testimonials below, however if you would like a list of our clients or to discuss any of the testimonials below, please contact us.

BION Engineers Ltd. is a very good and cooperative company. We have got lot of helps from them during their working time with us.
Shahidul Islam
Superintending Engineer at Bangladesh Power Development Board - BPDB
BION Engineers Ltd. is the type of company that is hard to find. I’m glad I found them. They provided what they promised on a short notice, tight timeline, and with amazing precision. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them - without a doubt.
Monjurul Islam
DBC News Channel
BION Engineers Ltd. is a nimble company that is able to react very quickly. They provide a high level of responsiveness. The team is able to turn around a prototype and prove out your design faster.
Dr. Md. Ziaur Rahman
Professor, Criminology Department
University of Dhaka.

Our Recent Projects

This project list demonstrates our ability to manage and construct a huge variety of jobs for clients in all sectors. We also believe that the examples given below exemplify our philosophy of achieving great results by keeping things simple.

Ashugonj New East 400MW CCPP


Smart Meter Prepayment Meter Factory of BPEMC


Mymensign 50MW Solar Park


Smart Prepayment Meter Installation of BREB at Ashulia & Keranigonj, Dhaka


33/kV Substation Projects of BPDB at khulshi, Bakalia & Barabkundo, Chittagong


Bhola 220MW cCPP


Our Overseas Consultant

Our expert Overseas Consultants are working with us to develop sustainable energy in Bangladesh. 


Mr. Zhang Xaoli

Business Consultant from China

Ashish Agrawal

Mr. Ashish Agrawal

Business Consultant from India

Nasir mama

Dr. Md. Nasir Uddin

Business Consultant from Japan

Professor, Kanazawa Seiryo University,

Ishikawa, Japan